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All content has been taken from actual evaluations that former students completed at the end of the program. We hope these reviews will help answer your question regarding our intensive Japanese language program, and that the KCP student comments are useful to you in making an informed decision about applying. Enjoy — KCP Review!

The outings and in class discussions were valuable lessons in the culture course.

Enrique from Summer 2019

The Kamakura trip. Allowed for us to see a side of Japan we hadn’t been truly introduced to.

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My favorite part of the program was the classes themselves.

Bryce from Summer 2019

I thought the teachers were all very skilled and caring. The classwork pushed me to work hard while still being fairly hands-off. There were plenty of available resources for me when I needed help. And the class time itself was surprisingly fun, with a fast-paced and energetic atmosphere. It felt like pretty much all of the students really wanted to be there and were invested in their own improvement.

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The daily quizzes and learning six kanji a day was very helpful .

Brittany from Summer Short 2019

I feel more prepared in class and I found the small group sessions were also helpful! I want to go back to KCP and see all the teachers again!!

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The countryside of Japan is very beautiful.

Huyenvi from Summer Short 2019

I appreciated the fact that KCP took the time to organize these trips for the students. Peach picking and visiting Erin-ji were relaxing experiences that I enjoyed.

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Classes are held exclusively in Japanese.

Giselle from Summer Short 2019

The most productive aspects were that the classes are held exclusively in Japanese. KCP International is an intensive program but it really improves your Japanese ability, so be sure to study and take advantage of the great teachers.

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The extracurricular activities allowed me to interact with others.

Josephine from Summer Short 2019

I enjoyed going to the singing club and the anime, comics, gaming club because it allowed me to interact with other students and the teachers outside of the classroom.

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I was amazed by how MUCH I learned during this summer-short term.

Alex from Summer Short 2019

The most productive aspect about this program is being in Japan, and forcing us to use Japanese almost all the time. I liked the onsen provided in theTanashi dorm!

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The most productive and interesting aspects of the program that gave us insight into Japanese culture!

Camrick from Summer 2019

Grammar, reading practice, writing practice were most productive. Most interesting aspect was when teachers informally gave us insight into Japanese culture during class sometimes. Those occasions were really important and eye-opening!

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Of all the events or activities that were the most satisfying.

Kristen from Summer Short 2019

The Yamanashi bus trip was a lot of fun and a great way to talk to different people!

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Explore and adventure as much as you can! Don’t be afraid to fully immerse yourself.

Keira from Summer Short 2019

I loved how much the instructors pushed us to learn but also were very helpful! I very highly valued the time I had outside of class to explore and immerse myself in the culture!

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If you’re looking for an intensive course, then KCP is the place to go! Although it was hard work, it was also a lot of fun and I’m very pleased with my current language skill – and I’ve only just finished Level 1! Going out with the class for a final dinner really showed me how much we’d learnt as we had no problems in conveying our feelings even though our only common language was Japanese. I’d come back in a heartbeat.

—Aleya Thompson